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The Virtual Consultation Process

Experience the streamlined consultation process at Mind-Body Clinic. Our virtual consultation system delivers your personalised treatment prescription directly to you, eliminating the need for in-person or video-call appointments.

Discover personalised Mind-Body Clinic recommendations tailored to your unique Wellness Plan in just three simple steps. Begin your journey from the challenges of ill-health to the path of healing with ease.

Step 1. Make payment
Pay the online appointment fee of £75.

Option 1) Via bank transfer to the following bank account:

A/C Name: Mind Body Clinic
Account Number: 57063806
Sort Code: 04-03-33
Mettle Bank

Option 2) Request for a payment link (for international clients only). Please note that this option incurs additional bank charges to pay. The payable fee in this case is £85

Once you’ve paid, complete the Payment form below and we’ll send you the link for Step 2 (Patient Case History form).

Step 2. Complete Patient Case History form

To ensure a thorough assessment, kindly complete the Patient Case History form accurately. Include comprehensive details regarding your medical history, recent test results, current medications (both conventional and alternative), as well as any supplements or therapies utilised.

Step 3. Receive your wellness plan

Receive your personalised Wellness Plan, meticulously crafted and clearly outlined based on your individual case history, delivered directly to your inbox in a few days.
Embark on your healing journey with confidence and clarity.

Mode of consultation:

Exclusively Virtual Appointment.


Payment form

Once you’ve made the payment, please complete the form below. We’ll then send you a link to the Patient Case History form for you to complete.

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