Orthomolecular Medicines

From Deficiencies to Fulfilment.

Many disease symptoms arise due to deficiency of certain vital nutrients in the body. Such deficiencies cannot be fulfilled by food alone. Especially when symptoms of a disease are set in, then proper dose of vital minerals and supplements is required. This is when orthomolecular medicines become first line of support to rejuvenate a deficient system.

At Mind-Body Clinic orthomolecular medicines are employed to fulfil various deficiencies, in order to prepare a disease carrying system to heal efficiently.
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Gallbladder Removed – Great relief for the time being, but bad for the rest of your life!

If you are suffering due to stones in your gallbladder, most probably after some time, when all treatments have failed, your doctor would advise you to surgically remove your gallbladder. How simple is it for your doctor to pass this noxious advice to you! But it would be you who will suffer throughout your life […]

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