Gene Targeting Technology

At Mind-Body Clinic, we employ all the innovations which have a solid foundation in pure scientific researches and advancements, within complementary healthcare system.

The homeopathic system of complementary healthcare medicines offers a versatile and systematic approach to address the symptoms of a patient. The domain of homeopathic medicines encompasses a complete healthcare approach.

Although the homeopathic system is more than 200 years old, innovations are consistently taking place in this modern age to keep in line with the complementary healthcare needs of the society. In this modern era of healthcare, the homeopathic system is at the forefront of complementary healthcare system, readily embraces the latest technology and researches in complementary healthcare. Adoption of this evolution process due to latest researches and advancements from within and from the independent scientists, is the lifeline of homeopathic system.

In 1997, Prof. Khuda-Bukhsh proposed that homeopathic substances have the capacity to interact with the genetic blueprint and deliver their benefits by increasing the expression of genes that synthesise health promoting proteins [1]. Since then, work by Prof. Khuda-Bukhsh [2, and within Ref. 2] and other scientists [3][4] have clearly demonstrated that homeopathic substances do have the capacity to do this.

The genetic blueprint contains many genes that promote health as well as many genes that cause disease. With a view to increasing the specificity and safety of gene targeting by homeopathic DNA, (because homeopathic DNA, which is of undefined sequence, induces various disease symptoms in healthy people) Drs. Jenaer and Marichal pioneered the use of highly diluted small DNA molecules with well-defined sequences to target immune response genes and fight infections. Their system, called Micro-Immunotherapy proved to be very effective.

The significance of Drs. Jenaer and Marichal’s findings has been acknowledged by the international scientific community because the application of DNA molecules with precise sequences in a homeopathic setting has been granted a Patent (see EP0670164B1). Furthermore, the use of DNA molecules with precise sequences to prepare legitimate homeopathic remedies has been validated by registration of Labo’Life’s SNA remedy 2LHERP by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency in the U.K., see HR 17491/0001.

At Mind-Body Clinic, we employ and materialize all such advancements which have a solid foundation in pure scientific researches, within complementary healthcare system.


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