A Short Take on Homeopathy

How does a homeopathic remedy work? No one knows yet! But it is a scientifically proven fact that homeopathic remedies do work. In fact, homeopathic remedies have the capacity to interact with and alter, gene expression [1]. The significance of this finding is that a highly diluted substance – which seems initially a water-alcohol solution – is capable of taking the remedial ingredient of a homeopathic remedy all the way to the core of the cell (the nucleus). Hence, we can say, homeopathic remedies are quite capable of changing the biology of an organism at the cellular level.

To the sceptics of homeopathic system, homeopathic remedies are nothing more than either water-alcohol solution or sweet pills of sugar. These sceptics perhaps do not know that there is vast scientific data which categorically differentiate a homeopathic remedy from the simple water-alcohol solution. Material scientists like late Professor Dr Rustum Roy, a Solid-State Physics scientist, has shown through his research that what apparently looks like chemically same water-alcohol solutions of different potencies of a same homeopathic remedy, are in fact structurally different from each other [2].

There is no doubt about the functional benefits of homeopathic remedies in various medical conditions. Numerous high-profile studies and trials have proven that homeopathic remedies are as effective as their conventional counterparts allopathic drugs, or even in some situations, homeopathic remedies supersede the allopathic drugs [3][4][5][6][7][8][9].

Homeopathic remedies are not only effective in treating disease symptoms, but these are also proved to be cost effective than conventional allopathic drugs. In a Swiss government-requisitioned report,  Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been proven more cost effective than Conventional Medicines (COM). In this report, homeopathic system of medicine stands out above all other CAM modalities in cost-effectiveness with respect to COM [10].

Over the years, and in light of continuing scientific discoveries, other mechanistic possibilities have been advanced, including the idea that water has the capacity to memorise molecular structure. Various other possible mechanisms by which homeopathy may work have been described by Dr Kratz [11]. Some of the newly discovered properties of DNA molecules may also contribute to the promotion of the beneficial effects of some homeopathic remedies [12]. Further, elements of the psychobiological gene expression system [13] may also be relevant to the success of homeopathy. All of these mechanistic possibilities may be involved and certainly, need not be mutually exclusive.

Even though the ways in which homeopathic remedies may work are not entirely clear, many people recognise that the physiological, biological and psychological changes that they promote, in contrast to drugs, are not pharmacologically-mediated.


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