Vitamin C – An Amazing All-rounder

We are approaching the winter season, keep a good supply of Vitamin C at your home. Vitamin C has antibiotic, anti-histamine, anti-viral properties and is a powerful antioxidant. This amazing vitamin can be used to treat more than 30 diseases. Vitamin C is called Ascorbic Acid. Without vitamin C in the body, body cells cannot remain together because vitamin C is an essential component of natural cement – collagen, which keeps body cells intact.

Vitamin C is an excellent cleanser. 1000 mg of vitamin C taken half an hour before the breakfast can be useful to maintain the right level of cholesterol in the body. During this time of the day, cholesterol is ready to be reabsorbed in the gut. Vitamin C binds with it and excretes excess amount from the body in faecal matter. Tonsillitis can be successfully treated with proper use of Vitamin C alone. Cold and flu can be eradicated with the use of vitamin C alone. Vitamin C is a specific treatment for gum disease. Any kind of allergic reaction can be stopped with the anti-histamine properties of vitamin C. Vitamin C is being used in cancer treatment in many CAM practices.

In case of any viral or bacterial attack, the body’s consumption of vitamin C is increased many folds. The brain needs most of the vitamin C and it grabs most of vitamin C from other parts of the body to maintain its normal function. For example, in the case of Malaria fever, when the body’s vitamin C levels fall below the norm due to extra demand by brain cells, the patient becomes weak and lethargic. In this situation, if his body levels are topped up with vitamin C, this will support the body to fight back with the pathogens more effectively. Vitamin C supports the immune system in the event of any diseases when the efficiency of the immune system is compromised under the influence of foreign attack in the body. Vitamin C has been successfully used in combating the symptoms of diseases like Ebola, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Dengue fever.

Vitamin C keeps veins and arteries in subtle form maintain their elasticity due to a pivotal constituent of the collagen matrix. Thus, maintains healthy levels of blood pressure and safeguards against heart disease. If vitamin C took with other vitamins like E, Zinc and Omega 3. This bunch of vitamins becomes a very supportive pack for heart patients and for those who want to avoid any such diseases. A dose of vitamin C taken half an hour before breakfast plays a role to control the healthy level of cholesterol in the body. Because at this time vitamin C binds access of cholesterol and other toxins, which there in the intestines, bind with them and excrete them from the body through urine and faecal matter.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which means the excess of it is excreted via urine from the body. There are no toxic effects whatsoever of heavy dosage of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is extremely safe vitamin for children as well as old aged people. Mostly you do not need antibiotics if you start using vitamin C at the beginning of any in such disease. If you suffer from the hyper acidic condition then you may use a low acid form of vitamin C which is also called Calcium Ascorbate. Vitamin C is available in various forms i.e.; tablets, soft gels capsules, powder and for young babies in the form of syrup. In the case of life-threating conditions, vitamin C is used in IV injections.

One crucial point which we must remember is this, our body cannot make vitamin C. We always have to provide this vitamin for our body needs from outside sources like from food and supplements. Also, remember due to our lifestyle and habits we do drain this essential vitamin from our body. For example, smokers, when they smoke one cigarette their body depletes 25 mg of vitamin C. No-one educates them about this very fact. Throughout their life, they carry on with this habit, due to the accumulative effect of this deficiency they end up with lung disease and lungs cancer.  Stress is another aspect due to which our bodies run out of vitamin C. During all such circumstances, one should take an extra dose of this very essential vitamin.

Sadly, your doctor will never guide you or tell you about this very vitamin or any other, because they work on different agenda. They are trained to treat patients with drugs. Since Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers cannot patent these vitamins, which are extremely cheaper than their own drugs, therefore they also hide these facts from doctors and they carry on training these doctors in their clinics and hospitals with their own brands of patented drugs their objective is to load the patients with chemical-ridden drugs. More deaths are being recorded due to these drugs than any other disease mankind is suffering. The dilemma is most of these deaths do occur in hospitals and through doctors’ surgeries.

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