Vital Force – generation and utilisation

The term “Vital force” was first coined around two centuries ago by Swedish chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius in 1815. Later in the homeopathic system of medicines, Dr Hahnemann adopted this term and further elaborate it in his book; Organon (Aphorism 9).

In brief and in plain English according to Hahnemann Vital force is the energy supply needed to support life. He referred to life’s energy source as a “vital force” because of its underlying principles at that time were unknown.

Since then, scientists have clearly defined the biochemical pathways that supply the cellular bio-energy that is required to begin and support life. These biochemical pathways are so well known that they are routinely included in the teachings of general high school biology.

In the animal world, the life-supporting bio-energy is generated mostly by mitochondria through the conversion of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP). Essentially, every cell contains thousands of mitochondria.

ATP is the high-energy molecule that stores the bio-energy we need to drive just about every biological process that is required for life. Living things use ATP like a battery.

A little bit about the chemistry of the generation of bio-energy. The structure of ATP has an ordered carbon chain as a backbone, but the part that is really critical is the phosphorous part – the triphosphate. Three phosphorous groups are connected by oxygens to each other.

If just one of the phosphate groups is removed from the end, so that there are just two phosphate groups, now called ADP, sufficient energy is released to support all life processes. Just the removal of one phosphate group from ATP liberates about the same amount of energy as in a single peanut.

Food energy, derived from dietary glucose, for example, is used by the mitochondria to convert the ADP back to ATP so that the energy is again available to support all life’s biological processes.

The accumulative energy of all the cells in the system gives rise to what can be called ‘vital energy’. This vital energy when consumed by the system to do some useful work (FORCE = capacity to do work) is called force. Since this force is being generated from vital energy, it is therefore referred to as the ‘Vital Force’.

Disruption of this vital energy system due to an underactive mind or body function or suppression of mitochondrial function has an overall effect on the whole of ‘mind and body’ system. This is when a healthy system becomes symptomatic and is pronounced ‘sick’; there is insufficient ATP derived energy to support the proper functioning of all the biological processes that are required to maintain health.

It is also very important to recognise that there are two distinct genetic systems that we inherit from our parents, one is the mitochondrial genetic system which is inherited almost exclusively from our mothers and the other is the separate nuclear genetic system that is inherited equally from both parents. Ill-health may be caused by abnormalities in either genetic system or indeed by inappropriate interaction between the two.

If we paint a picture of a country, which is in good shape and form in all respects, and suddenly in any part of this country there are problems arising due to internal or external agents and this part drags into chaos. Then the effect of this chaos is felt throughout this country in the form of economy, unrest, even the population is affected in mind and body. The population living closest to the affected part/area will suffer maximum damage in all respects; those more distant from the source of the unrest will be affected to a lesser extent.

To overcome this unrest the normal course of action by the authorities is to utilise some of its additional resources. If with the utilisation of these resources authorities can control the situation, the whole country comes back to normality; otherwise, it gets into the grip of anarchy and depletion of vital resources that are necessary for the sustainability of the country.

The same scenario holds true for all living beings. Within all living beings, the mind and body should always be in an equilibrium state (optimal health). If there is a shift from balanced to unbalanced state there is anarchy, unrest within the system. This unbalanced state can be due to environmental factors, food (fuel) habits, or company one lives in. All these factors have a direct effect on a healthy system. One or all of these three factors; living in pollution, having unhealthy food habits, and the company of bad fellow beings results in mind and body damage of a healthy system. Consequently, this healthy system would go from a balanced to an unbalanced state of health and become symptomatic.

The gravity, longevity, and nature of these symptoms will depend upon how much ‘vital energy’ or bio-energy a system has or is capable of generating from all the available resources. In this instance, the simple principle prevails that the ‘fastest, safest and most effective way to produce vital energy will be the optimum way to regain equilibrium and optimum health’. Once the physiological system has reached the required level of vital energy or ATP induced bio-energy then consequently it will be able to restore all the normal healthy, balanced mind and body functions.

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