Sequence Specific Homeopathic DNA (SSHD)

SSHD remedies; simpler yet potent addition to homeopathic practice.

The homeopathic health care system was established over 200 years ago. Although it may be difficult to determine the efficacy of homeopathic remediation because it was originally developed to treat patients on an individual basis, yet its success is reflected by its gain in popularity on a global scale since its inception.


Over the last two hundred years, there have been many changes in the way homeopathy has been practiced. For example, historically, it was practiced based on single remedy usage; the selected remedy is specific for each patient. In more recent times, many practitioners have adopted a “polypharmacy” or combination approach. Moreover, instead of prescribing on information derived from a long interview process, many practitioners now use computerized technologies, taken together with a range of diagnostic features such as blood analysis results to determine the remedy choice.

Adoption of revolutionary changes is essential for the advancement of any natural therapeutic system, including homeopathy. This idea contrasts with the views of those who wish to adhere to the original information and dogma.

Over the last many decades, as medical science has progressed greatly in all fields, in relation to patient and disease, the same is true in case of the Homeopathic system. There are numerous scientific researches by independent scientists in the favor of the homeopathic system. Scientific research greatly supports homeopathic pharmacy – remedies, the manufacturing processes, effectiveness of homeopathic remedies and clinical trials.

Application of new discoveries in the medical sciences has advanced the understanding of many disease processes. These advances have allowed the development of many more effective treatments to control and resolve many diseases. One of the reasons why conventional systems of medicine are more adaptive to human health care is because their practitioners accept modern scientific discoveries in the field of medical science more readily than practitioners who promote non-conventional systems. Another reason why the non-conventional system may fail to reach optimum health care capabilities is because of a lack of knowledge, proper training and the inability of practitioners to face criticisms raised by the general public and those involved in the conventional system of medicine. Such issues can be changed with proper training through respected training institutes so that newly qualified practitioners can treat not only patients in their clinics but also be able to face and repel any criticism more effectively.

On another front, in homeopathic practice, there is a growing need to make use of the latest discoveries in biogenetic sciences in the favor of homeopathic diagnostic techniques, advanced remedies, and remedy posology. One of the most advanced approaches to utilize the newest remedies in homeopathic practice is the use of sequence-specific homeopathic DNA (SSHD) remedies.

DNA as a remedy is used in homeopathic practice for many years now.  Its proving symptoms are documented in the homeopathic literature i.e.; Materia Medicas of Dr. O A Julian and others. Homeopathic pharmacies all over the world most of the time supply a homeopathic DNA remedy without knowing the origin, structure, purity or sequence of the DNA that it is prepared from. It is believed that homeopathic DNA may be derived from fish, cattle or perhaps plants.

Discoveries made by Prof. Khuda-Bukhsh (1), Saha and colleagues (2), Sunila and colleagues (3), Frenkel and colleagues (4) have shown that homeopathic remedies have the ability to interact with various mammalian genes and promote their expression. Furthermore, Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has shown that highly diluted (i.e.; equivalent to 6C potency) DNA has telepathic properties and can transfer information between two DNA molecules which have the same sequence (5). Based on the same line of research, Dr. Bernard Marichal (6) developed a system of gene-specific homeopathic remedies using small DNA molecules ( sequence-specific nucleic acids or SNAs) to treat different sets of immunologically mediated symptoms in homeopathic practice, this system is called Micro-Immunotherapy, within the domain of New Homeopathy. This new approach has been extended for patients’ use by a company called Labo’life (7). Micro-Immunotherapy products produced by Labo’life are specific immune regulatory DNA products. Micro-Immunotherapy products have been specifically designed to modulate the immune system, therefore, these products have a limited field of action. Secondly, these products cannot be used without the help of a trained doctor/practitioner.

In contrast to Dr Marichal’s New Homeopathic system and Labo’life’s efforts to introduce the Micro-Immunotherapy system of sequence-specific DNA to homeopathic practice, Dr. Peter H Kay (8) a renowned geneticist and immunologist integrated recent medical science discoveries in the field of genetics into the well-established principles of homeopathic pharmacopoeia to introduce a new set of sequence-specific homeopathic DNA remedies with ultra-safe features. These new remedies comprise a broad spectrum of homeopathic remedies which contain specific DNA molecules that target specific health-promoting genes. The DNA molecules thus manufactured are called Sequence-Specific Homeopathic DNA (SSHD) molecules. The therapeutic system developed based on SSHD molecules is called micro DNA therapy.


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