Pain & More Pain – Arthritis

It is said no pain no gain. But this is not true in case of arthritis. Arthritis patient suffers painful episodes in a miserable way. There are 100 different forms of arthritis but two major types are Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), other common forms include fibromyalgia, gout and psoriatic arthritis etc. All forms of arthritis can cause pain in different ways.

The conventional medical system uses pain killers to eliminate symptoms of pain. Painful sensations are masked by suppression of messenger neurons which are present there in case of inflammation and pain. Thus, feeling of the pain remains under the carpet as long as pain killer drug remains active in the system of a patient. After this time lapses over, the patient has to take next dose of pain killer and this vicious cycle of masking pain and damaging patient’s healthy organs continues, because after all conventional drugs are mere chemicals which have their own side effects ranging from mild to serious in nature.

When mild pain killers are failed after a prolong use then conventional system offers steroid drugs which are far more dangerous than standard pain killers. With the use of these drugs, patients have to pay serious consequences in the form of side effects.

Besides painkiller, drugs are also used to suppress the immune system. These immunosuppressant drugs sometimes start attacking the patient’s own immune system and cause more pain in the case of RA.

This is the dilemma of the conventional medical system that a patient goes for the treatment of a single disease but after some time of treatment same patient is suffering from the whole set of new symptoms of other diseases like indigestion issues, hyperacidity, skin disease, infertility, psychological issues etc. These are few, but there is a long list of diseases.

When drugs fail, the patient is convinced to accept the option of surgery, for example, knee replacement, hip replacement etc. Surgery is NOT a solution to this problem. In many cases, this can add misery to the life of a patient suffering from arthritis. Above all the same patient who has had gone under the surgical intervention, has to redo the same procedure in future. This happens due to simple reason, that is, the conventional medical system fails to address the root cause of a disease. After the surgery, the patient has to rely on pain killers and steroid drugs too.

Face makeup can hide the dark marks on your face but these marks remain there unless your skin is not replenished specifically with the vital nutrients to remove these dark marks. Same is the case with conventional medicines, these medicines would not address the root cause of a disease rather mask its symptoms and suppress it temporarily.

In Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) healthcare system picture is totally different. In the competent hands of a CAM practitioner, a patient receives a treatment what its system deserves most, to clear the symptoms of the disease like arthritis. There are many safe, highly effective and scientifically proven treatment options available to treat the symptoms of arthritis. Whether, it’s OA or RA or any other form of arthritis.

Besides many other useful substances and supplements which are available to treat different forms of arthritis. Magnesium stands out on the top of all other treatment options in the CAM. Then there is Boron, Vitamin C, E, Omega 3 and other supplements can be added according to the symptoms and specific deficiencies of a patient. If a patient is deficient on vitamin D then any treatment will fail until his vid D level is not fulfilled.

In homoeopathy, there are specific remedies to combat the symptoms of different forms of arthritis. Remedies are prescribed according to the total symptom picture of a patient.

Genetic makeup and lifestyle of a patient play a vital role in health and disease. Certain genes become slow and do not produce enough of certain types of proteins which are necessary to keep us healthy, as we age or due to other ecological factors. If a slow gene is optimised and starts producing sufficient amount of required protein, then the body will stop suffering disease symptoms which are caused due to lack of specific gene product. For this reason, Sequence-Specific Homeopathic DNA (SSHD) remedies are developed. DNAs in these remedies target specific genes to treat specific disease symptoms. For example, in case of inflammation SIRT6 gene is targeted to lower the amount of inflammation in the system. In order to suppress the immune system without any side effects, the IL10 gene is targeted, this helps in case of RA, where suppression of immune response is greatly required. To combat the painful sensations effectively but without damaging any other healthy organ of a patient gene KCNK18 is targeted. Since, the reduced expression of KCNK18 gene plays a vital role in the intensity of painful sensation, therefore by optimising the function of this gene with the help of SSHD remedy system, painful sensations may be effectively controlled.

Suitable physical exercise and proper nutritional rich foods are crucial to treating arthritis and other such inflammatory diseases. Along with above CAM solutions for arthritis change in lifestyle, eating habits, and specifically avoiding those food items which can aggravate disease symptoms and, can cause an allergic reaction is key for successful treatment. In the case of arthritis, sugar is one of the many culprits. This is a crucial hint for arthritis sufferers!

There are multiple approaches to tackle a single disease in CAM practice and each approach works synergistically with other methods safely and effectively to clear the symptoms of pain and disease without any side effects.

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Pain & More Pain – Arthritis

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