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Nature has provided our body with all the necessary tools to eradicate any foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, and other parasites. As well as this, at the same time, our body cells are fully capable of repairing themselves from internal malfunctioning. If damaged body cells become irreparable then another biological system kicks in due to which damaged cells are terminated by triggering the process of cell suicide – known as apoptosis.

Such compact and self-sustained body systems which have built-in, highly effective protocols to safeguard itself from the onslaughts of external and internal dangers. The question arises: does our body need foreign help in the form of pharmaceutically prepared, chemically-ridden drugs and vaccines full of toxic ingredients? The logical answer is a big NO!

The human body is composed of nearly three trillion cells. These cells are knitted together in such a fashion that they communicate with each other through a mind-body matrix. External and internal signals channel through the two-way mind-body matrix, changing our physical, emotional and mental state. The disease enters our systems through the mind and body.

Infectious diseases are one of the main causes of concern for medical science. Epidemic and endemic occurrence of infectious diseases are being controlled by the use of vaccinations. The philosophy of vaccination is not wrong. What is wrong is the current method of inoculation in the form of combination vaccinations. The effects of these combo vaccinations on human economy are neither fully studied nor fully reported [1]. Secondly, the use of vaccines either individually or in combination contains dangerous incipient, toxic elements, which can wreak havoc with the health of a new-born baby and young children. Therefore, there is a call from the sensible members of the scientific community that new-borns should be screened before vaccinations for immune-deficiency [2].

Before we proceed further, let us define two most important terms, vaccine and immunization, to clear our understanding about their difference.

What is a Vaccine:

I have searched for the true definition of the vaccine but none of the available definitions gives a true picture of the term vaccine. Therefore, I have decided to define vaccine as follows; “a preparation containing killed or weakened pathogens (bacteria or virus) along with chemical preservatives and other incipient, that is usually given by injection or orally to increase protection against infectious disease”.

What is Immunization:

The action of making a person immune to infectious disease is called immunization.

Immunization can be achieved through the process of vaccination or through natural alternatives.

From the above discussion and two definitions, it is clear, that in order to safeguard ourselves from infectious diseases vaccine is not important, it is immunization which is a most important aspect to boost our immune system and to protect ourselves from infectious diseases.

There is a rationale in every action of mother nature. If the immune system of a new-born baby remains weak for some time and is unable to handle all the possible attacks from disease-causing agents, like bacteria and viruses, it is due to the fact that mother nature engineers this vulnerability deliberately. Therefore during this time of vulnerability, mother nature allows friendly beneficial microbes to colonize in the baby’s gut, skin, mouth and lungs, and thus strengthens the natural power of budding immune system [3].

As mother nature proceeds gradually to strengthen a budding immune system of an infant, this gradual process completes within 6 years or this period of time extends all the way up to adulthood. The intervention of vaccines, containing toxic substances, in fact, interferes with the natural progression and development of the immune system.

What are Prophylactics?

A substance (medicinal or non-medicinal) or a course of action used to prevent disease, is called prophylactic.

Since in this article our main focus is on the prevention of infectious diseases therefore, we can say any form of intervention to prevent infectious disease is called prophylactic. Vaccines are one form of prophylactics. There are many other natural, non-invasive, non-toxic methods available besides vaccines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. For example, the use of certain superfoods, vitamins and supplements, herbal products/tinctures/ oils, and specific homeopathic remedies, also used as prophylactics.

What is Homeoprophylaxis:

The method to use specific homeopathic remedies to prevent infectious diseases is called Homeoprophylaxis (HP) and these specific homeopathic remedies are called homeoprophylactics.

The use of homeopathic remedies as prophylactics dates back to the times of the inception of the homeopathic system. Two hundred years ago the founder of the homeopathic system of medicines Dr Samuel Hahnemann was setting up the guiding principles of this new complementary healthcare system. He also used successfully homeopathic remedy belladonna to prevent the spread of scarlet fever. Homeoprophylactic nature of homeopathic remedies was further tested and supported by Cristoph Hufeland (1762–1836), who has been described as the greatest German clinician of the late 18th century and who founded a respected and still extant medical journal in Göttingen in his article published in The Lancet in 1829 [4]. Hufeland reported that;

  1. The proper use of belladonna has, in most cases, prevented infection, even in those instances where, by the continual intercourse with patients labouring under scarlet fever, the predisposition towards it was greatly increased.
  2. Numerous observations have shown that, by the general use of belladonna, epidemics of scarlet fever have actually been arrested.

III. In those few instances where the use of belladonna was insufficient to prevent infection, the disease has been invariably slight.

  1. There are exceptions to the above three points, but their number is extremely small.

There were other favourable controlled trials and reviews on the efficacious nature of homeopathic remedy belladonna in case of scarlet fever [5].

Since then, homeopathic remedies have been successfully used as prophylactics in almost all infectious diseases for which conventional vaccines are being used. The protection provided by homeoprophylactics is not less efficacious than the protection provided by any other contemporary method. Rather in some cases, homeoprophylactics found to be equal or more effective than contemporary methods of disease control [6].

The new scientific discoveries are also telling us that homeopathic remedies are also capable to change gene expression [7]. Such innovative findings make homeopathic remedies a strong contender in the field of immunogenic products to not only prevent diseases but also to strengthen the immune system starting from infancy to old age [8] [9][10].

At Mind-Body Clinic, for the past 15 years, all such innovations are culminated into a robust Homeoprophylaxis (HP) programme to prevent diseases with non-invasive, nontoxic, yet subtle natural methods.

Key Constituents of Main Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Programme:

At Mind-Body Clinic, our HP programme constitutes the following key parts.

  1. Specific Homeoprophylactic Remedies (Nosodes / homeopathic remedies)
  2. Sequence-Specific Homeopathic DNAs (SSHDs)
  3. Recommendation for Vitamins & Supplements

Length of the HP programme: 84 months

Start age: 0 months to onwards

Diseases Covered: Depends upon the geographical region of the client, and exposure to infectious diseases.

Administration Method: A monthly dose of HP remedy administer by parents or guardian.

Appointment Required: Yes, for registration purpose and for case history and other details

Follow Up Appointment Required: No

Appointment Method: In the office / Online

HP Service for International Clients: Yes (Via phone / online)

There are HP programmes offered by other homeopaths, but none of these programmes provides such diverse set of complementary healthcare products in a single HP programme, provided by Mind-Body Clinic, in which all components work synergistically to prevent and strengthen the immune system, for all age groups.

N.B. No claim is being made whatsoever for the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis or any other components of Homeoprophylaxis programme offered at Mind-Body Clinic.


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Gallbladder Removed – Great relief for the time being, but bad for the rest of your life!

If you are suffering due to stones in your gallbladder, most probably after some time, when all treatments have failed, your doctor would advise you to surgically remove your gallbladder. How simple is it for your doctor to pass this noxious advice to you! But it would be you who will suffer throughout your life after losing a vital organ.

Gallbladder and its function?
The gallbladder is a small pouch-like organ that resides underneath the liver. It stores bile. Bile is a liquid produced by the liver, to help digest fats. Through bile ducts, bile passes from the liver to the gallbladder. Bile ducts are a series of channels. Besides this, the gallbladder also performs key tasks such as:
• Enabling absorption of fat-soluble antioxidants and vitamins A, E, D and K.
• Assisting the removal of cholesterol from your body.
• Assisting your body to remove the toxins that have been broken down by the liver.

Role of bile in the digestion of fats:
Bile is stored in the gallbladder. Over time it becomes concentrated, which makes it better at digesting fats efficiently. The gallbladder releases bile into the digestive system when it is needed.
Gallstones are small stones usually made up of cholesterol that form in the gallbladder. When the chemical makeup of bile, inside the gallbladder, is disturbed, gallstones are made. In most cases, the level of cholesterol is too high in the bile which causes excess cholesterol to form stones.

In most cases, these stones do not cause any symptoms and do not need treatment (not needing any treatment is the wrong medical approach). However, when a gallstone is trapped in a duct inside the gallbladder, it can trigger sudden intense pain. This painful sensation may last from 1 – 5 hours, is called biliary colic.

Some people get complications due to gallstones such as persistent pain, jubilance or fever; this is due to inflammation of the gallbladder. This condition is called gallbladder disease or Cholecystitis.
Imagine your gallbladder is removed on the advice of your doctor. No more gallbladder, no more stones, no more pain BUT your body will no longer be able to digest fats. Your body will not be able to absorb fat-soluble vital antioxidants vitamin A, E, D & K. Your body will not be able to remove toxins. Ask your doctor which pharmaceutical drug can give you so that you can digest fat after eating food or drinking milk etc. or to support your body to perform vital tasks mentioned above? Your doctor has nothing in his medicine chest. This is a case of “out of the frying pan into the fire”.

Common-sense is not very common these days!

If your medical doctor had been intelligent enough, he would have tested your cholesterol level at regular intervals after having your initial case history and parental medical history. In this way by keeping your cholesterol level at bay, your chances of having gallstones could have been minimised. Remember, I have said if your doctor is intelligent. But never mind common-sense is not very common these days!
Don’t worry! You can survive without your gallbladder, but you are exposed to the risk of developing fatty liver, experiencing frequently indigestion issues, and suffering from deficiencies in essential fatty acids and fat-soluble nutrients.
Your liver continues to manufacture bile, but there is no longer a gallbladder to store it or concentrate it. Therefore, bile continually slowly drops down into the intestines. If you eat a fatty meal, you will not be able to secrete ample amounts of bile into your intestines, therefore the fat will be very poorly digested. This means you will experience symptoms of diarrhoea, bloating, nausea or indigestion.

Due to not digesting fat, you will not be able to digest essential fatty acids, including Omega 3 and Omega 6 as well. You’ll have a hard time absorbing fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins D, E, A and K. There are a lot of fat-soluble antioxidants in vegetables: lycopene, lutein and carotenoids are all fat. In the absence of adequate bile, you will not be absorbing enough of these lifesaving compounds from foods. If you consider taking any of the above-mentioned nutrients in supplement form, without sufficient bile you will not absorb them well.

Treatment Options:
Don’t worry if your medical doctor is helpless after your cholecystectomy (surgery to remove the gallbladder). There are numerous options in Complementary & Alternative Medicines (CAM) practice. You can still manage to live a normal healthy life. Speak to your nutritionist, homoeopath, naturopath, microDNA therapist or orthomolecular medicines practitioner now. These are the people who you need most, and who will help you the most. In fact, speak to a practitioner at Mind-Body Clinic for further help and support.
In this regard several Homeovitality remedies can be very helpful including Vital Energy – to boost energy levels, Super CareD – to utilise effectively vitamin D in the body, MR7 – to combat acidic conditions etc.

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