Future prospects for homeopathy and Sequence Specific Homeopathic DNA (SSHD).


Homeopathy was introduced over two centuries ago by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. He developed homeopathy because, in his view, contemporary methods of medicine were inhumane. He based his technology on the principle that ill-health could be relieved by the administration of highly diluted substances that, when administered to healthy subjects at either pharmacologically active concentrations or in a highly diluted form, would induce symptoms similar to the disorder being treated. What he did not realise at the time though was that he had developed a safer way of relieving the suffering that involved an interactive process with DNA, the genetic blueprint.

Homeopathic remedies contain substances that are so dilute that mostly they do not have any pharmacological activity; they work in a completely different way to drugs. So, how do they work?

Initially, Hahnemann introduced the idea that ill-health reflected disturbance of a bodily “vital force”. However, in later years, the discovery of infectious agents such as pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses offered little support for this idea.

Over the years, and in light of continuing scientific discovery, other mechanistic possibilities have been advanced, including the idea that water has the capacity to memorise molecular structure. Various other possible mechanisms by which homeopathy may work have been described by Dr. Kratz [1]. Some of the newly discovered properties of DNA molecules may also contribute to the promotion of the beneficial effects of some homeopathic remedies [2]. Further, elements of the psychobiological gene expression system [3] may also be relevant to the success of homeopathy. All of these mechanistic possibilities may be involved and certainly, need not be mutually exclusive.

Even though the ways in which homeopathic remedies may work are not entirely clear, many people recognise that the physiological, biological and psychological changes that they promote, in contrast to drugs, are not pharmacologically mediated.


Homeopathy and gene expression

Biological, physiological and psychological changes (unless induced by trauma or infectious agents) such as disease expression and disease attenuation are directed by activation or deactivation of specific genes (parts of DNA, the genetic blueprint) that synthesise the proteins and hormones that are needed to bring about those changes. It, therefore, follows that ultimately homeopathic remedies must have the capacity to promote changes in the activity of DNA, naturally without chemical intervention. Using highly sophisticated molecular biological technologies, Dr Sunila and colleagues [4] have now confirmed that highly diluted substances do have the capacity to do this.

Some of the genes that are targeted by homeopathic medicines are beginning to be recognised by scientific laboratory investigations. For example, the work of Sunila and colleagues [4] has shown that the tissue extract Carcinosinum can increase the activity of the important anti-cancer gene p53. Moreover, extracts of Thuja and Ruta can regulate genetic systems that are involved in slowing down the growth or proliferation of some cancer cells. Importantly, the work by Sunila and colleagues has also shown that, at least in vitro, some homeopathic remedies surprisingly become less potent the more they are diluted and the effectiveness of some of them may be dependent on the genetic background of the client.

Over many decades of research, scientists have discovered that in humans, there are around 20,000 genes. Some of them have been shown to protect against, alleviate, cause or exacerbate the disease. Homeopathic remedies must have the capacity to activate or target some of the genes that help to alleviate disease.  Homeopathic remedies must also be able to target genes that cause or exacerbate disease because they can cause symptoms of disease in healthy subjects and aggravations in some patients.

Extracts of tissues and plants contain many different substances. They are also very likely to include many different DNA molecules of foreign origin because all plants and animal tissues contain DNA. Therefore, the specificity of homeopathic remedies may be refined and standardised by isolating and testing the effects of each of the different components of a particular remedy such as Carcinosinum on diseased and healthy subjects.

In an attempt to overcome some of these problems and increase the specificity and safety of gene targeting by highly diluted substances, Dr. Marichal developed a gene-targeting system that used only

highly diluted DNA molecules. He referred to his system as New Homeopathy [5]. The use of DNA is well established in homeopathic practice and is included in provings and materia medicas such as those compiled by Dr. A.O Julian and Dr. R. Murphy. Homeopathic DNA however, is derived from various sources and includes a wide range of DNA molecules with poorly characterised nucleotide sequences. Therefore, to improve the specificity of gene activation, Dr Marichal used a series of small DNA molecules with very precise nucleotide sequences that were designed to target known immune response genes and fight infections that were resistant to antibiotics and control the infectivity of viruses. His novel gene-targeting system proved highly successful.

In recent years, particularly since completion of the Human Genome Project, scientists have discovered much more about genes that protect against disease and promote and maintain natural super-health and even correct disease. For example, some genes have been discovered that, when their activity is reduced, result in excessive weight gain, impaired memory, reduced IQ, accelerated ageing and earlier death. Another gene has been shown to help avoid bone fractures in postmenopausal women (see references below). Based on the principles of Dr. Marichal’s New Homeopathic high dilution technology, the Homeovitality system was developed to promote the activity of these newly discovered genetic systems so that practitioners could use a safe and targeted approach to help everyone to enjoy a longer healthier life.

For more information on new innovations in the homeopathic system and how you can be better treated in the complementary healthcare system, contact your complementary healthcare provider.


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