Introduction to the Clinic

Mind-Body Clinic is a multi-therapy clinic. We offer a range of therapies to deal with health issues you want help with; all our treatments are focused on ensuring that your journey through healing process is positive and balanced.

Enjoying life, living longer

We all want to enjoy life, live longer and be free from stress and disease. Embarking on a naturally healthy life journey is one way to ensure that we are in total control of our lifestyle and healthcare solutions.

Being naturally healthy is everyone’s dream, and to make this dream come true in this busy, eventful life is not an easy task.

What we offer at Mind-Body Clinic

At Mind-Body Clinic, we believe there are many paths to the healing and that health is a cohesive balance of mind, body and soul connection. The Mind-Body interaction has important implications for the way we view illness and treat disease. Mind-Body Clinic’s work is based on the inseparable connection between the mind and the body – the complicated interactions that take place among thoughts, the body, and the outside world.

Mind-Body Clinic integrates modern scientific alternative/complementary healthcare therapeutics to enhance the natural healing capacities of mind and body. Eventually, the result is the initiation of self-healing process from within the mind and the body.

Our Approaches


The Homeopathic system is a progressive step in healthcare to achieve good health.


A strong immune system is the key and essential to a good healthy, propserous lifestyle.

PACED Therapy

At Mind-Body Clinic, babies and children are treated with natural, non-toxic remedies.


At Mind-Body Clinic orthomolecular medicines are employed to fulfil various deficiencies, in order to prepare a disease carrying system to heal efficiently.

Nutritional Support

At Mind-Body Clinic, nutritional support is provided to create healthier lives.

Gene Targeting Technology

At Mind-Body Clinic, we employ all the innovations which have a solid foundation in pure scientific researches and advancements, within complementary healthcare system.


Saqib Rashid

Saqib is a fully qualified & experienced clinical nutritionist, homeopath and orthomolecular medicines practitioner. He has attained a BSc. degree, and later an MSc. degree in physics. He achieved his post-graduate diploma in Homeopathic Medicine (DHM) and clinical nutrition qualifications in the United Kingdom.

Saqib is passionate to treat his patients holistically under the strict guidelines of the complementary/alternative healthcare system. His special interest is to treat children who are suffering from complex and challenging problems like Autism (ASD), Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia, issues of retarded growth and people with medically unexplained symptoms or illnesses, and those who have not achieved great results from other forms of conventional and non-conventional treatments.

Saqib, being an orthomolecular medicines practitioner as well, is a keen enthusiast to treat his patients with the right nutrients/supplements with advice on nutritional and lifestyle changes, based on deficiency symptoms of his patients.

Saqib has 18 years of experience in the complementary healthcare sector and has worked in different capacities in national and international complementary healthcare manufacturing companies. He was a freelance advisor to one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of homeopathic products. In addition, he has also served in the capacity of the R&D director to invent and design innovative complementary healthcare products based on gene-targeting technology.

Saqib has written a number of articles on healthcare topics. on online platforms and in different magazines in the UK and internationally. He currently runs a successful healthcare practice in the South West of London.

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