Our Services.

At Mind Body Clinic, we treat a variety of conditions that involve the mind and the body, using a holistic and integrated approach. We treat you as a person, not as a diagnosis. We are practitioners who listen to your thoughts, your emotions, and your biochemistry.

We use science-based natural medicine, nutrition and psychotherapy. Our treatments are non-invasive, side-effects free and toxin-free.

Our goals are uncovering and addressing the causes of your psychological and medical illness, not just suppressing symptoms, rather preparing your own mind and body to heal itself from disease.

We believe pharmaceuticals should be a last resort, not a first line of treatment. When they are necessary, we will strive to help make their use infrequent, temporary and as free of side effects as possible.

Treatments are provided for all age groups, old, young and children. Conditions that we treat include depression, anxiety, phobias, stress related conditions, psychosomatic conditions, back pain, headaches and migraines.

In addition such conditions are treated which are induced due to the use of conventional drugs, vaccinations or other ecological factors.

We can help you taper off of prescription drugs when doing so is safe and clinically indicated under the advice of your GP or Physician.

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To book an appointment, please visit the Pracitioner, Consultations and Fees Page, from where you shall be given information advising you on how to book an appointment at the Clinic.

Introduction to the Clinic.

Mind Body Clinic started from the idea that the mind and body form one unit in the healing process. At the clinic, specific therapies are employed to treat the mind symptoms, release negative emotions, and facilitate healing of physical body.