More disturbing life events and chronic emotional stress have been medically tied to any number of physical symptoms such as headaches, skin diseases, back pain and psychosomatic disorders. Medical doctors are sometimes at a loss to explain physical symptoms before recognizing the Mind-Body connection.

Therapeutic methods which are used at the clinic that recognize the facts that our feelings and subconscious thoughts directly affect how our body reacts and functions.

The underlying belief is that the cells of the body are affected by all of our life experiences which are stored in our conscious and subconscious mind. Most often, our subconscious disturbances are revealed through physical symptoms in our body sensations, emotions/feelings.

At Mind Body Clinic, the prime objective is to treat a patient's mind and body as a single unit.

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Our Specialities & Offerings.

We offer a wide range of health services, including Homeopathy, Energy & Soul Medicines, Orthomolecular Medicines, microDNA therapy and Homeoprophylaxis.

At the clinic, specific therapies are employed to treat the mind symptoms, release negative emotions, and facilitate healing of physical body.